In an age where content marketing is king, good content needs to be the end result when it comes to writing for the web. It’s a matter of either sitting down and doing research, or vetting the right writer for you and your business.

With a lot of research, you can build SEO rich content marketing that’s meaningful to the reader. Below I have written a basic list of writing for the web tips that should help you get on your way .

Web Page Tips

Each page must have a max of 500 words.

3% Keyword density – Pick 1 or 2 keywords per page. Make sure that your keyword is in the title of the page, in the h1 tag, and only takes up 3% of the content. Bold your keyword to make it stand out, Google recognizes bold and italicized text as important words.

If you have images or video, make sure the text surrounding them explains what is happening in the image, google will understand that the image is related based on the content surrounding it.

Most importantly, remember to write for readers, not search engines. Google knows when people are trying to trick it with poorly written keyword dense content, it might even penalize your website and lower your page rank.

When it comes to blog writing, your writing technique depends on your audience… Make sure you aren’t writing overly professional in a mom’s blog for instance.

Always remember to link back to sources you may get any information or facts from. Not only does this allow the person to see your information is factual, but gives an outbound link… and outbound links (to relevant content) are just as important as inbound links when it comes to SEO.

Here is where I would say that if you aren’t the best writer, it might be worth looking into a professional. For great writers for content marketing I have used the website elance to find a freelance writers before and have had only the best experiences with extremely affordable professionals. Take your time when choosing a freelance writer, make sure they have previous knowledge in your field, and read samples to make sure their writing style is similar to yours.

by Britt Dolleren | Multimedia Designer for Dolleren Designs