I have been designing and coding websites for the past 10 years, and one thing that’s for sure… the web is always changing. If you are asking yourself “How do I get my page on Google”? Answer the questions below to see if you have taken the first, and most important steps in placing higher in Google search.

Do you have keyword rich Title tags, H1 Tags, and content?
They should all be optimized for keywords that people are actually searching for you can find these keywords out by using Googles keyword tool

Do you have a blog? Content marketing is one of only way to have high page rank in an overpopulated market. Soon people aren’t going to be able to find your website if you aren’t offering constant valuable content, if you haven’t started a blog – start one now!

Do you have back links from related websites? Inappropriate back links hurt you; but if you have an article on a partners website that has valuable content and links back to you, you will rank higher on google. Simple ways to get back links are for guest blog writing, reviews and having social media content.

Do all of your images have alt tags? This is especially important not only for SEO, but as the internet becomes more accessible for the blind.

Does your website layout, and navigation make sense? Everything should be easy to get to, and should preferably be 1-2 clicks away.

Have you created a site map? Using Google’s webmaster tools you can upload your sitemap making sure Google knows what pages you want it to follow and gets your website crawled fast!

If you said no to any of these its time to go back and make the changes to your website, or better yet… get a professional 😉

by Britt Dolleren | Multimedia Designer for Dolleren Designs