When it comes to figuring out whether it’s time to redesign your website, there are a few simple things to look at:

Is it mobile friendly?
Is it Debugged for all current browsers?
Does it look modern?

First impressions are everything, and old websites that aren’t debugged across all platforms will make you lose your visitors immediately. Redesigning a website is fairly simple, since most of the hard work of gathering content and images has already been done.  There are a few different routes you can go when you redesign, each all depends on who your visitors are most likely to be.

My favorite would be WordPress is great way to go with the redesign if your visitors are content hungry, its simple to set up, simple to use, cheap to implement, and anyone can upkeep the content (this means you!).

If you are currently using flash, or are looking to add a little movement to your website what you want to use now is jQuery, it allows for lots of animation for minimal amounts of code, and doesn’t take anything away from your SEO opportunities. Check out this awesome article with examples of jQuery in websites.

There is always Basic HTML5 and CSS3 – gradients and image effects can now all be done with CSS! Just make sure your designer has backup plans for some browsers that haven’t stayed up to pace with modern coding languages.

by Britt Dolleren | Multimedia Designer for Dolleren Designs