Resolution Time! This is the year you are going to start up your small business, and according to the New York Times your business will have a 50 / 50 chance of making it through your first 5 years. Here is a quick check list of what you can get your designer to help you with to make sure your are in the 50% that make it.

  • To start off, you need good branding… Think about it – if branding wasn’t important, then why would so many companies do it?
  • Make sure your company name works well with available URLS out there – You can check for available names at
  • Business cards are just as important as logos, don’t skimp out on quality – the best (seriously) online print shop is Juke Box Print, I wouldn’t get anything printed anywhere else!
  • Make sure your website style and needs match your branding – make sure that if you want to be able to edit your website yourself, you have your website built in something such as wordpress or drupal. If you don’t plan on editing your website often, and would rather have more options and customizations a standard HTML / CSS / jQuery website will work best!
  • Social networking is important, but if you’re a telephone sales company, I doubt people will be following you on twitter. Pick the social networking sites that will work best for you, and note that not updating your content on these, is just as bad as not having them at all. Keep your content new & relevant.

If you are interested in good branding and website design, please contact me!
by Britt Dolleren | Multimedia Designer for Dolleren Designs