SEO Monitoring

No matter if you are a website owner, a freelancer, SEO specialist working for a company or even SEO/marketing company with dozens of clients – one of the things you need to do is to track your Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERP). Unfortunately this could eat a lot of your time if you do it manually, or worst – to give you false information, as many tools do. The software to track your keywords correctly is expensive and if you don’t work in big company you won’t have a chance to use them. That’s why Dolleren Designs is here! We offer automated SEO Monitoring and keyword tracking for all these small/medium businesses and website owners which have no chance to use the expensive software. The best thing? It’s fully automated! You just need to enter your websites/keywords once, afterwards you get daily update of your SERP rankings. Unlimited websites, unlimited keywords, unlimited projects, unlimited history… The bonus – we have a lot of extra tools included, just like that – for free – so you could save a lot of hours and money and do the most important stuff.

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