1. Pick a single keyword to use in each article. Make sure its one people will actually search for, and unnoticeably sprinkle it throughout your writing and make sure to use it in your title. You can use this google tool to see what keywords people use on google. This will help get your website onto page 1 of google for selected keywords.

However: make sure you are writing for people first, while it’s important to use keywords the only things that will give you conversions are well written, useful content.

2. Note that people read different on the web, they skim rather than read every single word. So write in short paragraphs, bold important keywords, and make sure your blog is around 500 words – not too many more, and not too many less.

3. There are types of blog posts that people tend to read more than others:

  • Numbered lists: “10 best tips for getting people to your website!”
  • Best of posts: “The Best tips of 2014 for updating your website”
  • How to posts: “How to market your website”
  • Vlogs (video blogs)

4. Additional things to include in your posts:

  • Have Subheadings
  • Link to your other blog posts within your articles – make them apart of your copy: “if you would like to more about web design, view my tips on web design here”
  • Use action words, Call me now, Get started today, etc.
  • Be authoritative, show you are the go-to for all things real estate.
  • Lists are better than paragraphs because people skim when reading online
  • Use diagrams or photographs to help illustrate your points. Useful content can and should go beyond basic clip art to draw on the reader’s imagination.
  • Avoid the use of technical jargon except where necessary. If you must use it, include links or definitions for uncommon words or industry terms.
  • Use numbers in short form:  1, instead of one.

by Britt Dolleren | Multimedia Designer for Dolleren Designs